Developing design, major features, and core elements.

Trees in this design will be much more than just a simple background decoration. As you walk through the tunnel it is the natural focal point, and in the development of our concept it becomes much closer to being a character, than just icy vegetation. It is a gathering element, both in the tunnel, and in our design. The trees are gracefully sculpted, the shape almost fluid and they look almost alive, pressing their roots into the structure around it where it sees fit, just like real trees. The entrance to the room where the well of Mime is, is decorated with Yggdrasil’s roots, and you must move through what can be described as a tiny patch of forest or a little labyrinth-like entrance.

Another major feature of the cave is the lighting. The cave is lit with LED- lights beneath the ice, which creates different moods throughout the cave. It also seems to be following the narrative of its mythological reference, norse mythology. Utgard is for the most part very dark, sometimes lit with contrasting red and green light. Yggdrasil and the Well of Mime are lighter, lit with softer blue light. The atmosphere is lighter, and the room with the carving of the well, made me think of a sanctuary.

Atmosphere will be one of the core elements in the design. The ideas behind the design of the cave gives us a rich palette of moods and expressions to add our own design and interpretation. The lighting in the actual cave is limited by several factors, first of course that the lights had to be placed into the ice, and limited electrical supply.  We do not have these specific restrictions when we light the digital tunnel, and we can take the basic ideas of the colour theme and lighting much further. We face some restrictions however, depending on whether we must bake our lights in Unreal Engine to keep performance up, or if we have the freedom of dynamic lighting.

Stylistically, there are several routes to go down, especially in regards to texturing, the shapes and sculptures within the digital tunnel. We obviously want the digital rendition to be convincingly icy, but it does not necessarily need to replicate the ice found in the tunnel itself. There is room to explore visual styles, as long as there is a focus on keeping the core visions of the Climate park, and the Mímisbrunnr-project.  The digital project is an intersection of different themes, fields, and media. Almost a game, pop-up book, and a visual story, and with the strong narrative of the mythological reference, our motifs are illustrations of familiar stories and places.




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